RENEW Strategies

On the Ground

Tsegamlak Solomon
| November 10, 2020
A look at the new National Bank of Ethiopia export directive

Erin O'Connor
| January 8, 2020
Take a quick trip around East Africa with us and pop in to see what’s happening with the IAN’s portfolio

Tsegamlak Solomon
| December 3, 2019
Notable change in terms of protecting the rights of women employees in Ethiopia

Erin O'Connor
| November 5, 2019
Hosted by the Jobs Creation Commission of Ethiopia

Erin O'Connor
| August 2, 2019
A short clip featuring a sampling of RENEW’s portfolio

Erin O'Connor
| June 6, 2019
An Interview with Eyob Bekele (Desta Owner and General Manager).

Tom Scriven, CFA
| April 18, 2019
RENEW suggests investment reforms to attract more foreign investment and business

Laura Davis
| April 2, 2019
Join us for our next Econ-Tourism Trip from October 27 - November 2, 2019.

Laura Davis
| March 8, 2019
How RENEW is building gender equality.

Dagmawit Shiferaw
| March 6, 2019
Dagmawit’s journey to RENEW.