RENEW Strategies


Laura Davis
| August 29, 2019
The Impact Angel Network’s garments facility, Desta, is expanding to Butajira

Erin O'Connor
| July 18, 2019
Part of RENEW’s women-focused fund and the first investment in Uganda

Erin O'Connor
| June 25, 2019
Tadelech Buto’s Story (Desta Manager)

Erin O'Connor
| April 23, 2019
The Fund will support female entrepreneurs and job creation for women and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Laura Davis
| March 8, 2019
How RENEW is building gender equality.

Renata Makhoul
| April 4, 2018
Developing financial products for women as an effective tool to promote gender equality

Tom Scriven, CFA
| February 21, 2018
Amplify, Level the Playing Field and Include.

Justin Reesor
| January 29, 2018
Government resources and information surrounding gender equality.

Laura Davis
| December 28, 2017
A female partner’s position: different and equal