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Building a new class of finance executives for Ethiopia.

For years, CEOs in Ethiopia have longed for someone they trust to help them understand and manage their company’s financials. Someone who understands the business, can read through financial reports, and turn that into information needed to make critical decisions. Someone who demands quality and timeliness of their team. Someone who can identify risks weeks before they become problems and make course corrections to avoid cash shortages. Someone who can plan, build budgets and set up systems to control a company’s most critical asset – cash.

The time has come to build an elite class of finance executives in Ethiopia. This is the mission of the CFO100. The CFO100 program is a joint effort of RENEW, Global Affairs Canada and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to increase the credibility, quantity and quality of CFOs and finance managers in Ethiopia. The CFO100 program will combine an intensive self-study training around ACCA’s selected papers alongside a practical training from RENEW.

The CFO100 program provides a strong foundation of advanced accounting and real-world financial management skills that will give a participant a career advantage.

Why Apply to the CFO100 Program?
When hiring, leading companies demand finance professionals with real-world finance skills, technical competence, and the highest professional standards.

  1. The CFO100 program curriculum covers concepts and skills you will use at all stages of your career in finance.
  2. The mix of self-learning and evening classes makes it easier for you to continue working while you complete the program.
  3. Completing CFO100 shows employers you have mastered a broad range of practical financial management and advanced accounting skills.
  4. Through ACCA affiliation, you join a vast professional network of more than 188,000 members worldwide and gain unmatched career resources, important relationships, and lifelong insights.

Are You Eligible?
The goal of the application review process is to identify those candidates who are the strongest fit within our program and can emerge as successful CFOs in Ethiopia. To enroll in CFO100, you must have:

  1. Undergraduate Education: A bachelor's degree in accounting or related discipline, with at least a Grade B (3.0) average in accounting, equivalent or other quantitative courses, and a proficiency in English.
  2. Work Experience: At least two years of professional experience with a small or mid-size Ethiopian company in the accounting or finance department.
  3. Time Commitment: Able to devote at least 10 hours/week to attend the classes at The Exchange and self-study.

Admissions Process:
Each year, CFO100 will enroll a limited number of bright and creative future leaders in finance. We admit candidates with solid professional experience in finance and accounting, have leadership potential and come from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. To qualify for the program, you need to:

  1. Complete an online application.
  2. Write a short essay on how CFO100 will assist you with your career as part of the application process. We might ask a candidate to appear for an online exam and an interview if needed.
  3. Provide two recommendations; one from your current employer and one from an academic reference, such as your university supervisor.
  4. Participate in an interview covering your academic and work experience.

Note: Finance managers and accountants of RENEW's portfolio companies will pre-qualify for the program and be given priority.

All qualified applicants are eligible for scholarships from RENEW and ACCA:

  1. RENEW will sponsor 50% (61GBP approximately) of the exam fees of 102 GBP for each paper for four selected ACCA papers, if and when they pass their selected ACCA papers.
  2. ACCA will offer a fifty percent discount of 20GBP on the initial registration fee of 40GBP along with a subscription fee waiver of 95GBP for 2018.

Course of Study:
CFO100 will focus on applying the course of ACCA study to real-world application in your business.

  1. Performance Management: costing, budgeting and management reporting, etc.
  2. Financial Reporting: key accounting concepts and preparing financial statements based on IFRS, etc.
  3. Audit and Assurance: auditing, planning and risk assessment, etc.
  4. Financial Management: financial management, business finance, working capital, valuation, risk management, etc.

Deadlines & Program Schedule:
UPDATE: Applications should be received by August 31, 2020. The program will begin on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Detailed calendars will be communicated to applicants.


First, make sure you are eligible…

Professional Experience:
The quality of CFO100 program is immeasurably enhanced by the real-world finance and accounting experience in a small or mid-size Ethiopian company business experience that participants bring to the classroom. For this reason, most of our participants have two or more years of full-time professional work experience following the completion of their undergraduate degree.

When reviewing applications, we are interested in the richness of your finance and accounting experience.

Academic Aptitude:
Your past academic performance provides us with an indication as to whether you will be able to handle the academic rigor of the finance and accounting courses in the program. In reviewing your transcripts, we take into account your choice of coursework, the rigor of your undergraduate major, the competitiveness of your academic institutions, and your grade point average (GPA).

We require a minimum GPA of B (3.0) in Accounting, Finance and English courses. We also evaluate your performance on the online exam to assess your ability to succeed academically in our program.


To be considered for admission to the CFO100 program, an applicant must complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to the program: Complete the online CFO100 application including an explanation of your motivation about joining the CFO100 in the application essay.
  2. Submit the following items: As part of the online application, please submit: 1) Official university transcripts from every college, university, and/or graduate institution you have attended since secondary or high school graduation and, 2) PDF copy of your current resume or two-page CV.

We might ask a candidate to appear for an online exam and a personal interview if required.


Still have questions?

The CFO100 2020 application is now open. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply and include all of the above-requested materials